PDF Converter for your PC

Install PDF Converter in your PC for more features and secure PDF conversion. Three main features; manual pdf conversion, auto pdf conversion and pdf conversion reporting, all together in a single PDF Converter Software.

Manual PDF Converter

Download pdf to word converter
  • PDF to any format(PDF to Word, PDF to RTF, PDF to XLS, PDF to XML, PDF to Text, PDF to TIFF, PDF to JPEG and PDF to PNG formats)
  • Convert PDF as batch
  • Convert Protected PDF files
  • Convert any PDF pages(Even, Odd, Custom pages)
  • Option to auto-delete PDF files after convert PDF
  • Auto-move converted PDF files to another location after convert PDF
  • Auto-move conversion failed PDF files to another location
  • Configure possible passwords to convert batch of protected PDF files
  • and much more...

Automatic PDF Converter

Pdf to tiff converter
  • Just configure a Watch folder and close the pdf converter
  • PDF converter runs in system background and converts all PDF files which are falls in the Watch Folder
  • No manual interaction needed. Just copy PDF files into the Watch Folder
  • Configure any number of Auto-Jobs to watch multiple Watch Folders
  • Auto Convert Protected PDF files
  • All features of Manual PDF Converter are also available in Auto PDF Conversion
  • and more...

PDF Conversion Report

Pdf converter software
  • Report of all PDF conversion process
  • Export the PDF conversion report data
  • Search option to filter data
  • Filter Manual, Auto or All type of PDF Conversion
  • Search for Success, Failed or All PDF conversion
  • Search with in a date range
  • Detailed data
  • and much more...

Pdf Conversion Made Easy

When the world has gone digi-crazy, the importance of e-documents has reached its zenith. Whether it is an invitation to a wedding or a monthly report, having it in an e-document format is really very important in the present times. And the most popular amongst all such document formats is the PDF or originally the Portable Document Format that has a variety of uses. And this gave rise to the need of a pdf converter software.

What Do We Provide?

Due to the varied uses of the PDF documents, it is often necessary to have them converted to other file formats so as to use the information stored on the PDF documents as and when necessary. And this is exactly where our PDF converter plays its role. At Aadhisoft, we have designed a PDF converter that can be easily used to convert millions of PDF documents into the desired file formats. When you download pdf to word converter from Aadhisoft, you get a tool that will help you convert a PDF file into a MS Word file that will allow you to use the information present in the file as you require it.

Our Pdf to ms word converter is one of the most popular functionalities that is being used by millions of users across the world. Not only that, our software also works well as a Pdf converter to excel ensuring that all monthly reports, balance sheets, etc that you have in the PDF format can be converted to a much easy to edit format. With the Pdf to xls conversion utility, you can now have your document converted into an excel sheet in a matter of a couple of minutes. That is the very reason that the Aadhisoft converter pdf to excel works like a boon to people who have to handle a lot of data regularly – data that needs to be edited, checked, formatted and processed.

Why Us?

If you are wondering where our PDF converter stands out amongst the numerous others that crowd the market, then here is a small glimpse of our specialties:

Choose the Best and Forget the Rest

With numerous gimmicks all over the internet that claim to convert PDF files to other formats for free and end up providing watermarked and poor results, it is prudent that you do not fall prey to their malicious plans. If you need to Download pdf to word converter, just visit Aadhisoft and ensure a quick Pdf to word download at an unbelievable price.

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